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From October 26 to November 30, 2020, Applikon is launching the 3L AppliFlex ST and their new disposable sensors with the AppliFlex ST Switch Offer! The Switch package contains all the components required to switch from a multi-use to a single-use system for the latest Applikon bioreactor control systems, allowing you to easily switch if your process requires a different approach.

Simply request your free Switch package when you purchase AppliFlex ST bioreactors. Or request a sample (not for cultivation purposes). For more information please check the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Disposable bioreactors Designed on Demand

  • Single-use, pre-sterile and ready-to-go stirred tank bioreactors
  • Fully customizable to meet your specific bioprocessing needs
  • Install any number of systems to fit your workspace
  • Cultivate anywhere; no laminar flowhood, water supply or drain needed
  • Several perfusion options for continuous bioprocessing

With the AppliFlex ST single-use mini bioreactor, we introduce the same flexibility of our customizable range of glass and stainless-steel bioreactor systems from lab to full production scale, to the single-use lab scale bioreactor market. Applikon offers tailor-made and fully reproducible solutions with 500 mL and 3L single-use bioreactors. By using 3D printing technology, we create any head plate configuration that is optimal for your process.


  • Integrates with software automation and automated sampling tools
  • Interchangeable with multi-use systems
  • Removable topplate
  • Shelf life 2 years
  • Up to 0.5 barg
  • Pre-sterile and ready-to-go
  • Volume: 500 mL and 3L (in the future 15L available)
  • Several sensor options available

The Single-Use design offers fast start-up of your process.The system is supplied gamma radiated and ready to go with all tubing and connections. The risk of cross contamination between runs belongs to the past and time-consuming cleaning is no longer needed since the system will be disposed of after usage.

The AppliFlex ST differentiates from other single-use bioreactors by being a fully customizable stirred tank bioreactor. You can choose, or even design, the type and number of impellers, the number of liquid and gas additions and the type of sparger that are optimal for your process. No more unused ports with blindplugs, but an optimized bioreactor for your specific process development and R&D application.

Typical upstream bioprocessing optimization concentrates on media and strain optimization. The AppliFlex ST enters in a new area of upstream Bioprocess hardware optimization. The Custom AppliFlex ST allows for optimization of essential parameters on a small scale such as impeller and sparger configuration. This technology allows you to optimize your bioreactor, to maximize product yield of your bioprocess.

The 3D printing production technology guarantees complete reproducibility between the different bioreactors guaranteeing exact and identical conditions between runs. The AppliFlex ST offers the flexibility that you need for your specific bioprocess and comes is available for both cell culture and microbial applications.

Appliflex ST
AppliFlex ST Topplate
Appliflex ST Assembly

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Tel: ++41 34 424 03 10 • Fax: ++41 34 424 03 12


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